We love offering gifts, and we hate doing it halfway.

Whether you are giving or receiving,  presents should always be a source of joy. .. And that can only happen if you are able to put your heart in those presents and their delivery.

Going on an adventure and exploring the stores until you find one item that reminds you of them, then another, and another. Putting them together in a box, combine some attention to details,  a bit of surprises, your own words and a personal touch. That creates the perfect gift, the one that comes from you,  curated for them.

After our passion for creating boxes full of love, or even before that, comes the absolute necessity to make it eco-friendly and local-friendly too. We definitely want to help the shops and artisans in all of Portugal. But first we’re starting locally, in the charming neighborhoods of Lisbon.

Creating one gift box with us, you directly support 3 or more local stores in this  resourceful city. Because Lisbon has everything you need to make someone delighted and surprised.

Let’s create moments of joy together!


Be Present.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com